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Since its inception, La Unidad Latina Foundation has supported outstanding community leaders from universities and colleges across the United States with scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000. The following community leaders are La Unidad Latina Foundation scholarship winners:

Congratulations to our Fall 2015 National Scholarship Winners

  1. Alim Uddin
  2. Cristhian Vera
  3. Gabriela Rodriguez
  4. Gladys Rivera Martinez
  5. Harvey Perralta
  6. Jessica Elizabeth Iniguez
  7. Kirsten McGorty
  8. Marielena Segovia
  9. Rigoberto Perez

Congratulations to our Fall 2015 National DREAM Scholarship Winners

  1. Alejandra Cervantes
  2. Enrique Bojorquez
  3. Grecia B. Rivas
  4. Jennifer Martinez
  5. Tania Reyes

Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Tampa Scholarship Winners

  1. Alejandra Mallorga
  2. Daniel Mejia
  3. Jhulianna Vivar
  4. Zakriya Rabani

Previous Winners

Nikole Cabrera

“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and honored to be a role model in the Latina community. I firmly believe in embracing all cultures of the world, and the fact that I get to represent mine makes me very proud.

The scholarship allowed me to continue my education and get one step closer to making my dreams a reality. Often times, money is more of a determining factor in pursuing a college degree than it should be. Education is a worthwhile investment, and it is scholarships like these that remind me of how valuable each and every individual mind is. No matter what the obstacle may be, nothing should stand in the way of learning more, not even money, because knowledge is priceless.”

Juan Mendez

“Beyond giving me the financial resources to help me finish my last semester, LULF gave me the security I needed to focus on my coursework. It helped me graduated with honors and easily transition into a career in education.

I applied to this scholarship right after getting married, while studying abroad in Mexico with my wife. As we planned our return to New York, I was nervous about finding a job that could sustain my household during my last semester. I applied for the scholarship because every dollar does count. I used the LULF scholarship to offset the cost of the certification tests required to be a teacher in New York City. I am grateful for the support of this organization and the people with the hearts to donate their time and money to the foundation.”

Benny Lorenzo

“The scholarship from LULF assisted me in finishing my Masters in Education. Without this scholarship, I would have not been able to finish my program. The scholarship provided much more than financial support, it provided me the ease and tranquility that allowed me to focus on my academics and education. I am very grateful for the work that LULF does!”

Valeria Vidal

“La Unidad Latina Foundation scholarship was more than a monetary contribution; it gave me the moral strength that I needed to fulfill my goals. Receiving these funds proved to me that hard work does pay off. The scholarship showed an appreciation for my work on and off campus.

The support from the foundation had a big impact in continuing my education by enabling me to fund my study abroad program during the summer. The research and experiences I had studying abroad inspired me to fund a non-profit organization that works in intersection of urban planning and energy access in Latin America. One day, I hope to give back to the Foundation to help students like me to follow their dreams.”

Martha Perez and Freddy Perez

A mother-son team who live in the tight-knit, rural community of Fort Lupton, Colorado, and demonstrate mutual academic excellence, personal achievement, and commitment to the community. Martha and her son Freddy are both in the process of completing their undergraduate degrees at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Freddy is studying Political Science and minoring in Chicano Studies. He h3ly values education and is eager to help Chicano students stay in school, possibly as a high school counselor or principal.

Martha, along with being a student mother of two sons who are also currently attending college, volunteers at the His Hand Ministries Food Bank as a crew leader for a team of volunteers who help with handing out food boxes to needy families. Martha also h3ly believes in the power of education and wants to be an elementary school teacher before eventually pursuing her master’s degree in psychology and transitioning into the role of a school counselor.

Waleska Mora

“I’d like to thank the Board of LULF for the scholarship award. The funds will be integral in purchasing books for the upcoming term.”

Alejandro Barajas

“Thank you for honoring me with this scholarship. This scholarship will help me continue with my studies at Santa Clara University and will hopefully graduate with a triple major next June.”

Alejandro plans to graduate with two Bachelor Degrees from Santa Clara University and be accepted in to a prestigious law school in California. He spends his spare time, when he’s not studying for his three-major workload, volunteering at the East San Jose Community Law Center as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking clients who seek legal advice.

Darlyn Florez

Along with furthering her education at Northeastern Illinois University, Darlyn spends her free time tutoring Latino students at three local Chicago high schools. She plans to apply her future degree in business administration towards the financial aspects of a local nonprofit organization that serves the educational needs of Latinos in the Chicago area.

Jesse Gonzalez

“I would like to thank the efforts of all who dedicate themselves towards improving the Latino community. I am very grateful for the honor which has been bestowed upon me by your organization. It brings me great joy to know that there are people and institutions who altruistically promote the advancement of Latino professionals. The scholarship awarded to me will significantly aid in my academic advancement.”

Jesse has recently studied abroad in Sweden for a semester to broaden his understanding of international politics and law and enhance his studies in Global Socioeconomic Politics and International Relations at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Last summer, he interned with the East LA Community Corporation and worked on their advocacy efforts for affordable housing and quality jobs for Latino residents of the East LA community of Boyle Heights.

Isabel Rodriguez

Isabel’s recent experience at an academic summer program at the University of Notre Dame has inspired her to pursue a PhD and a JD which will provide her “with both the international legal policies as well as the research of the implications immigration has on our current political and economic situation.”

Isabel is a double major student at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, majoring in English and Multinational Organizational Studies.

Fernando Mejia

Fernando is very active with the Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN), and has led efforts to highlight the plight of undocumented immigrants in regard to higher education in the U.S., including organizing efforts to push for the DREAM Act, federal legislation that would offer more affordable college opportunities for immigrant students.

Fernando wants to complete his education at Boise State with a political science degree and continue to develop as a leader and organizer in the immigrant community in Idaho.

“Your contribution will help me to continue, not only my education, but also my involvement in the community.”

Reyna Nebeker

Reyna travels over 60 miles a day to be able to attend her classes at the University of Utah, where she is a Senior majoring in Mass Communications. She plans on attending law school this fall and eventually practice immigration law.
“Thank you very much for your time, consideration, and most of all, your help. I am very grateful to receive a scholarship, but especially a Latino scholarship. Thank you!”

Ignacio Castillo

Ignacio is a Sophomore at Texas A&M and wants to graduate with a degree from its School of Architecture in Construction Science and eventually pursue a career in the construction industry.

“I wish to express my gratitude for being selected as a recipient of your competitive scholarship. I have been extremely fortunate in my life and I cannot express in words how much the scholarship means to me. Our Latino community continues to improve because of foundations such as yours. Thank you for helping me pursue my dreams.”

Carolina Cardenas

Carolina is committed to having a successful career as a nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics, and eventually pursuing graduate studies. She will be receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 2007 from Houston Baptist University.

Maria Rivera

Maria holds four jobs to help pay for her studies at Pacific Union College in California. She looks forward to being a renowned author, and in the meantime, is working hard to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Spring 2005

Katiria Adorno

Katiria is currently enrolled in a Master of Science degree program in College Student Development and Counseling at Northeastern University in Massachusetts. She plans to work at a local university in either academic advising or minority student retention programs.

David Villa

David is a sophomore at Harvard majoring in Government and has a concentration in Economics and Portuguese Studies.

“I want to thank the entire Foundation Board for this great recognition. I am honored and grateful to be a recipient of La Unidad Latina Scholarship. Your words of encouragement and vote of confidence are greatly appreciated. I hope that in the future I will be able to assist by extending my hand to help your cause. The scholarship comes at a very opportune time as I still have my term bill payments pending and plan to enroll in a summer class. Thank you again for this great honor.”

Larissa Mercado-López

Larissa is currently a Ph.D. student in the English Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is currently considering focusing her dissertation on mujerista theology, “a philosophy rooted in liberation theology and African American womanism,” and is looking forward to becoming a professor at a Chicano/Latina studies program at a college or university in south Texas.

“As a mother of two young children, a full-time Ph.D. student, and a research assistant, I am grateful for any assistance that comes my way. Thank you, for not only helping students like me, but for existing. It is organizations such as this one that exemplify some of the best characteristics of the Latina/o community – extended support, dedication, loyalty, and unity.”

Ana Luján

Ana is pursuing her Master’s degree in Anthropology from New Mexico State University. Her scholarship will help support her during the summer while she’s gaining hands-on experience in the field at Three Rivers, New Mexico.

Joshua Reeves

“It is a wonderful honor to receive an LULF Scholarship. This award will be very helpful in enabling my continued studies at Stanford University and working towards my BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. I have begun my masters already during my 4th year and I am continuing my research in an EE lab which is very rewarding. Teaching others the power of engineering and higher education is very important to me and I will spend time working with disadvantaged communities throughout my career.”

Lisa Hallmark

Lisa is a working single mother who is finishing her senior year at the University of Phoenix with plans to pursue a career in criminal justice administration.

Vanessa Mogrovejo

Vanessa received her bachelor’s degree in health education, and is now pursuing her master’s degree in physical therapy from California State University at Northridge. Vanessa would like to educate the Latino community on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Amparo Cid

Amparo is a junior at Santa Clara University with a double major in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, and a minor in Sociology. She plans to attend law school and become a voice to marginalized groups.

“Thank you so much for the generous scholarship. I cannot adequately express how much this scholarship means to me. I feel so proud to be a part of a community that cares so much about the the success of each other. I am very blessed.”

Jessica Corral

Jessica is a student at Emory University.

“I wanted to thank your wonderful foundation for your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I have truly been blessed to have your financial help. As a female minority with a family that has just enough to make it through regular bills, I knew that getting an education would be somewhat stressful when it came to the financial aspect. However, I made sure that I kept looking at the goal and that I would find a way to make it through. Thanks to your help, I have been able to lighten that financial weight that was upon my shoulders. Thank you!”

Gabriella Leach

Gabriella is a domestic violence counselor who is pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work as a non-traditional student at Fordham University.

“There aren’t words that would make justice to describing the impact you have among us — the Latino students!”

Kimberly Quintanilla

University of St. Thomas
Fall 2004 Scholar