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We strive to build an influential community of socially-conscious graduates dedicated to Latino achievement and empowerment



Since 2007, we've given over $55,000 to community leaders and organizations dedicated to Latino achievement and empowerment.

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Our scholarship winners have met and exceeded our expectations over the years. We're proud to have financially supported them.


Our grants support innovative and impactful organizations who create events and opportunities for Latino communities nationwide.
"This scholarship allowed me to continue my education and get one step closer to making my dreams a reality"
- Nikole Cabrera, Syracuse University, Fall 2013
"I am grateful for the support of this organization and the people with the hearts to donate their time and/or money to this foundation"
- Juan Mendez, Baruch College, Fall 2013
"Your contribution will help me to continue, not only my education, but also my involvement in the community"
- Fernando Mejia, Boise State University, Fall 2005